for those that are wondering...let's ask Ron

Ron - maybe there are questions that some of our members and guests would like to ask or are wondering about.

Because sendmerecipes will be a pay-to-use site, many will not want to join and many more will be anxious to!!

For those that do not wish to join - Recipe Secrets will still be available and just as active as always and will continue to grow…is this correct??

Everyone is drawn to RSN because of the wide variety of recipes and we hope they continue to stay active with it. So there will be no change to RSN…is this correct??

Thank you Ron on behalf of those afraid to ask you and are wondering.

That is correct. No changes to RSN. I never implied that there would be.

I am concerned just as Kitchen Witch. And I would like to see Ron address these questions. I know I love this site and hate to see it change.

I also have one of my own questions. What if we would like to join but we can’t, due to high costs of medical care, someone in our family has been laid off, or some of us are just barely making it now? :frowning: is a free site. We’re launching a new site which is seperate from this one. You may continue enjoying this site just as you have in the past.


Thank you Ron -

Those were questions that were asked to me - and I wanted everyone to know it from you.


I need to know if there is a way to set up send me recipes without downloading anything to my computer, if it is set up as something that can also be accessed online? Thanks!

At this time the software can only be accessed by downloading it to your computer.

I think it’s more convenient and effecient to have it right on your computer rather than having to log on and go to a website to use it.

If you’re concerned about spyware or adware on your computer, you have my word that the download is completely safe. Plus, the legally binding privacy policy on the site also states so.


I am VERY concerned about what is downloaded on my computer - and I can say - I have no pop-ups, no trouble at all with this and it is not affecting my email by jamming me with unwanted messages like other downloads. I am very happy to have this download! And what you can do with it is unbelievable! I am very fussy and particular - I have searched MANY programs - this one is definitely the best! It’s not easy to please me at times - but I am very pleased with this!

Kitchen Witch