Forever Wedding Cake

Forever Wedding Cake

To make one happy marriage:

1 rounded cup perfect trust
A large pinch unselfishness
A portion interest in all he does
1 pint sympathy and understanding
1 cheerful home
Many loving kisses

Combine love, trust, unselfishness, and a portion of interest with sympathy and understanding. Flavor with a cheerful home and many loving kisses. Mix well. Bake well all your life.

Swags cascade of beautiful apple blossoms on the vines of ivy add a realistic hard charming sweetness of marriage. Use royal icing to 110 points 101 and 60 flowers of apple spiked 102 points 2 points centers. Allow at least blooming earlier. Prepare the dough mixture of gum as directed on the label. Use cut ivy, 140 leaves gum paste (70 Delphinium Blue Juniper Green 70) following the kit instructions. A wedding cake is a gem. A symbol. If you’re like me, my wedding cake is something I know I’ll always remember. traditional wedding cake is a confection with vanilla or three levels of white icing, a bride and groom miniature on top and lots of pink butter cream. But cakes today are much more creative and personal expression of style and come in many different shapes, flavors and decorations.

I like Cake. My favorite Wedding Cakes are Chocolates,apples,pineapple and Vanilla.I always use white butter and sweet cream. My favorite color is Red like Rose. I make it more creatively and used rose leaves.