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This thread will give you a chance to voice your comments and opinion on how Aline and I are doing, or not doing, your likes & your dislikes or topic suggestion(s). You get the idea, I’m sure! All comments, good or not so good are welcome! Thanks for your participation!

Aline & B-man :wink:

I personally think you are doing a wonderful job. This idea was especiaaly good because I like the desserts all in one place & you have some great ones there. Thank you

Report Card A++++

B-man & Aline

Ya’ll rock. Your recipes are great and greatly appreciated. From one cooking lover to another (two), thanks for all the fabulous posts. This is a dessert fanatic’s best dream (or worst nightmare not sure which). I’ll be up days just trying to decide what to make next soon as it cools down a bit LOL!!! Let me leave you with a few words of wisdom my dear old momma told me, don’t know of a single soul who died from eating a little chocolate. (Define little!!!)


Thank you for doing this for ALL of us. This is great. It helped me, I have to make something for an office shin dig and I am looking here for something different. I have tried several recipes thru out this site, my family never knows what I will be making next. And I try to thank the person who posted it and let them know our thoughts as well. I hope everyone continues to contribute and share their thoughts and ideas.

Thanks again you two and for Ron too for creating this website.


Thanks J for your kind comments. Both Aline and I appreciate your feedback. Recipe Exchange, Ingredient, Just Desserts, and International Recipes, are all great forums, and offer a wide variety of palate pleasing treats. And of course, none of it would be possible without Ron’s creative on-line presence. Everyone here is first class, in my books, without exception. Thanks again,

B-man :wink:


In response to your apology that was posted on the Recipe Exchange, I think that you do a great job in trying to maintain some order with this site. I pesonally don’t know what the huh-bub was about, but I haven’t seen anything that upset or offended me.

Keep smilin’ and keep cookin’, everything else will work itself out.

BetK :wink:

Thank You BetK, for your kind words of support. You also do a great job here with your posts! Regards,

B-man :wink:

In support of B-man


In no way have you offended me on this site. Don’t know what all the buzz is about but if you get any better, we’re gonna have to promote you to A-man!!!

You have been nothing but kind, considerate and very helpful to me. Keep up the good work and don’t let a few party poopers rain on your parade. Love the great posts, keep 'em coming.

Kindest regards,

This site is fabulous thanks to Ron, B-man, and Aline! You all have done a great job and the members who continue to share their recipes continue to ensure the success of this place.

Thank you all for doing such a bang up job with moderation! :smiley:

The only problem I’m having is being able to post a new thread on this “Just Dessert Recipes” forum. I can post on every other area of these forums but when I click on
“New Thread” for this forum the system tells me I don’t have authorization to access it. Is this a private forum?

Hi. I discovered your site through google and am looking for an Italian Rum Cake recipe. I like to bake and will be happy to share recipes when asked. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m searching for a ‘ricotta cookie’ that is frosted. Cookie is a drop cookie. It’s very much like a light cake texture. Thank you.