Freezing prepared meals

I need various recipes for meals, for a busy mom, that can be made and frozen for later use. What freezes well?

With my job hours I have to take my lunch & usually breakfast. For these reasons I freeze leftovers & double receipes for future use. (Blessed w/fridge & microwave at work!) If reheated some sauces will separate, esp. in the microwave. Love the freezer bags - lie flat on freezer shelf until frozen. Easy to stack & takes less space than the bowls. I do not freeze anything with mayo unless in cooked recipe. I also make & freeze undressed sandwiches for a quick sack lunch: PBJ, turkey, ham, chicken & keep mayo & mustard in work kitchen or use deli packs. Also bootleg the kiddie deli meals in baggies: meat, cheese, applesauce, etc. - grab & go. Panakes, waffles, cooked oatmeal, cream of wheat, etc. freeze well for quick breakfast. Homemade breakfast sandwiches freeze well & cost nothing compared to drive-thru prices.

In my experience, you can freeze pretty much anything …
F.ex. curried chicken, pasta sauces etc. Freeze them in portions and cook rice, pasta or what you like with it, fresh when you need it :slight_smile:

I’m currently trying to put all frozen contents into bags to try and reduce that refrigerator taste things get when they are frozen for too long.