Fresh tomato soup with basil

I love using fresh basil, especially in the summer when you can get it out of the garden or at the farmer’s market. This recipe sounds delicious.

I’m glad u like it !! :slight_smile:

I really enjoy all of your recipes! Would like to have more. : )

Do you serve it on the rocks or straight up?

missik999 … thank you … I’m proud that you like my recipes !!

messsgt … I can’t understand ur question !!.. I’m sorry :frowning:

I especially like the ones with fresh herbs.

I didn’t understand the “on the rocks” question either. :?:

I’m in love with herbs too, especially with soups!.. :smiley:

ya that’s right… I’m sorry for the mistake

ya that’s right… thank you for that
it’s a hard work to organize a site … May God bless you :slight_smile: