Fried Egg/Salami Sandwich

2 slices Whole Wheat Bread - Toasted

1 lrg Egg fried so yolk is just a bit runny

2 slices Spicy Salami *

Mayonaise/ Mirical Whip

Fry egg to desired doneness, not too runny. Place on one slice of toasted Whole Wheat bread. Place sliced spicy salami on other slice of bread after speading with Mayo or MIr.Whip PLace two covered bread slices togahter to form sandwich.

  • Note: This sandwich is creation of Sue Graftons Kinsey Milhone P.I.
    She only tells to use spicy salami but does not give a brand name. The Salami I can get localy isnt all that spicy and would like it a bit more so. Does anyone know a brand name Salami that is spicier than the average Salami. If so please tell the group here.

The sandwich is also good with a slice of pepperjack cheese to add to spice or a good slice of Swiss and Guilden’s Spicy Brown Mustard