Frozen Meatball Ideas


  1. BBQ Meatballs/Sandwiches. Simmer however many meatballs you choose
    in 1 part water plus 1 part your favorite BBQ sauce. In just a few minutes,
    they’ll be piping hot all the way through. Serve warm with toothpicks as an
    easy appetizer. As an alternative (or to use up leftover appetizers), spoon
    into split submarine sandwich buns. Top with chopped onion and/or shredded
    cheddar cheese if desired.

  2. Meatball Soup. Add as many meatballs as you like to a can or two of
    vegetable soup. Simmer until steaming and meatballs are warmed throughout.
    If you like, throw in a little leftover rice or pasta as well.

  3. Meatball Stroganoff. Keep one or more pouches of stroganoff-flavored
    noodle mixes (the side dish mixes made by Lipton and others) on hand.
    Simmer meatballs (6 to 8 per serving) in the amount of water called for on
    noodle package. When meatballs are thawed a few minutes later, continue to
    prepare according to noodle package directions.

  4. Meatballs-n-Potatoes. Whip up an envelope (or more) of brown gravy mix
    according to package directions; add a generous dash of dried minced onion
    and however many meatballs you wish. When meatballs are piping hot
    throughout, spoon into buttered baked potatoes for a simple one-dish supper.
    As in #1, you can also just serve them warm with toothpicks for an easy “Swedish Meatball” appetizer.

  5. Meatball Ramen. Simmer a handful of meatballs in the amount of water
    called for on beef-flavored ramen noodle package. When thawed a few minutes later, add noodles and flavoring packet, and continue with preparation as directed on ramen package.