Frozen "Oreo" Style Dessert

It’s very simple. Depending on how large your family is, purchase 2 to 3 pkgs of thin chocolate wafers. (Kraft does make them). Make whipped cream( not aerosol can type) Stack 4 to 5 wafers with the whipped cream in between the wafers. you can choose to top off the top wafer with whip cream. You can improvise by adding vanilla to whip cream. Make as many stacks as you want. Put on 1-2 plates, put in freezer. take out of freezer about 10minutes before serving. Yum! My brother and I used to argue over the last one left.

This sounds great! I was thinking this could be made low fat by using chocolate grahm crackers and fat free cool whip. I can not wait to try! Thanks for the idea. ~M

Going to have to try this one …

I do something quite similar. I use vanilla wafers; pureed fresh banana mixed in with whipped cream (whipped heavy cream with a small amount of sugar).

Kids love it!