Frozen potatos

Is it successful to use frozen potatos, hash browns, french fries etc. to a recipe such as soup or stew, in the last few minutes of cooking, to avoid having to peel and chop? I assume they are already cooked and in the case of frozen french fries or the larger steak fires they could be diced and added just long enough for heating.

Thanks. I was thinking of dicing french fries or steak fries and adding them at the end of a crockpot cooking session.

Why not just scrub and dice fresh potatoes? There is no need to peel them. The skins will add vitamins.

Have you heard of the new “Steam and Mash” potatoes. You cook them in your microwave for 10 minutes, they taste just like homemade. After you microwave they still come out in chunks, so I think if you disn’t microwave and added them directly to your soup or stew, it would probably work out better then french fries.
Amber Torija
The Secret Restaurant Chef

I have heard of them. Good thought! Thanks!