Fruit Pie Tips

Fruit Pie Tips

  • Save the drained juice from frozen or canned fruit and use
    fruit juice instead of water in your recipe. This is only a good
    idea if the juice does not have a lot of sugar in it.

  • Add fresh butter to your fruit pie filling after it has been
    cooked. Or dot pieces of butter over the fruit before you place
    on the top crust.

  • Don’t cut apples pieces too thin when you are using fresh
    apples. Larger chunks will hold together and have more apple flavor.

  • Use a little red food color and a drop or two of almond extract
    in your cherry pies when you use fresh or canned cherries.

  • Use a little yellow food color and a teaspoon of lemon juice in
    your apricot and peach fruit pies. The lemon juice will enhance
    their flavor and also help keep a bright color.

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