Fruitcake II

Do you folks really bake and eat these Fruitcakes?

I see things on the Idiot Box(TV) where they are hand throwing or using machines to see who can throw a chunk of years old borrowed fruitcake for prises.

So many people turn their nose up at the thought of eating Fruitcake. A good, properly made Fruitcake is very good.

Im sure the many companies that make commercial Fruitcakes are selling them to sone one, they do not make them just for the morons to toss from their home made Trebuchets( catapultes)

Iused to buy and eat all of the MIlitray LRRP ( LOng Range Recon Patrol) ration Fruitcake. It was in a foil pack and had a waxy coating on it and if eaten on first opening the package, you could taste the Nitrogen used to preserve it. If broken and allowed to outgas the Nitrogen, it was very good. I know, the soldiers who got it in their meal pack would allow it to dry hard and use it as firewood. You have to remember that a slodier will complain about anything and everything because even if he enlisted, he does not want to be there and complains constantly. The same men, once out of the service, will purchase LRRPS,or MREs for the meals when they go hunting or camping and will stiock them for emergency food rations during Hurricane season or after a disater hits their homes.

I’ve posted several recipes for fruit cakes on the site here. They’re for medium and light recipes. I also have a number of other recipes for fruit cakes which are home made. To answer your question, I DO eat the fruit cakes and/or give them away as presents to my aging parents or elderly friends to ease their burden at Christmas. :slight_smile: