Fudge didn't harden

could someone tell me if there is a way to salvage homemade fudge that didnt harden? pls. having problems making it since i got new stove and old age set in. thank you

I’d have to see what your recipe included, but if you still have the batch you may want to add some more melted chocolate (if it was chocolate fudge) to help bind it. The only downside to baking desserts and sweet treats is that you cannot easily substitute, add, or omit ingredients, since most of them are there for their chemical reactive purpose. Hope this helps!


was off of hershey can. the one that has been around for at least 40 yrs as made it as a kid. but i forgot about humidity and the candy thermoter broke. ty suzie


I have a fudge recipe that I’ve been doing over 20 years that is pretty much the same as posted by Kitchen Witch. The amounts are much larger, but I make it for Christmas.

Anyway, the secret is to make sure it comes to a nice boil and then start your 5 minute count down from there. Don’t stop stirring either. You don’t need a thermometer just follow that rule. I personally think this recipe with peanut butter is the best, it’s always the first one gone.

I also take the marshmallow cream and let hot water run on it so it will soften. If you put it in the microwave to soften BE CAREFUL!! It will overflow quickly!

We always use more peanut butter or chocolate chips than it calls for.

i appreciate all the replies. i have made candy for 30 yrs. have those recipes. but wanted one to save the one that didnt work out. i hate to waste things especially food. if anyone is interested adding baking chips while recooking works. ty

Is your recipe for the peanut butter fudge posted?

you’ve got a Topping for ice cream or angel food cake or as a dip for fruit.