Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Baseball

  1. Before 1859, baseball umpires were comfortably seated in padded rocking chairs behind the home plate.
  2. Every major league baseball team in the U.S. buys 18,000 baseballs each year.
  3. Five baseball gloves can be made from one cow.
  4. In baseball, a “can of corn” refers to a fly ball that is easy to catch. This phrase reportedly came from an old practice of Southern grocery store clerks, who used to knock unreachable cans off high shelves with a stick and catch them in their aprons.
  5. The first official baseball hat was made of straw.
  6. Because wool has excellent elastic recovery, 150 yards of wool yarn are used in an official baseball.

Fun Facts About Catfish

  1. According to the New York Times, Mississippi’s most widely harvested product is catfish.
  2. August is National Catfish Month
  3. Catfish is the 5th most popular seafood in America.
  4. It is illegal to lasso a catfish in Tennessee
  5. Catfish have more than 25,000 taste buds
  6. The catfish capitol of the world is Belzoni, Mississippi
  7. In 1997, Missouri named catfish as its official state fish.
  8. Catfish whiskers are also called barbels
  9. Catfish do not have any scales and feed on high protein pellets.

Fun Facts About Coca-Cola

  1. First mixed in a three-legged pot and stirred with an oar, Coca-Cola was first developed as a hangover cure. The original recipe included small amounts of cocaine, which were removed in 1905 due to public concern.
  2. In 1886, about 9 servings of Coca-Cola were sold each day with yearly sales of $50. Today, products of Coca-Cola are consumed at the rate of over 1 billion drinks per day.

Fun Facts About Elvis Presley

  1. Elvis Presley wore a cross, a Star of David and the Hebrew letter chai. He explained his jewelry habit with, “I don’t want to miss out on heaven due to a technicality.”
  2. Elvis Presley made only one television commercial, an ad for “Southern Maid Doughnuts” that ran in 1954.
  3. The most requested photo from the National Archives is a shot of Elvis offering his services as a drug enforcement agent to Nixon.
  4. Sun Records Cafe in Memphis, TN is believed to be the only restaurant in the world in which grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches, a favorite of Elvis Presley, are found on the menu.
  5. The Elvis Presley movie, “King Creole,” was set in New Orleans and was an adaptation of the Harold Robbins novel, “A Stone for Danny Fisher.”