Fuzio Firecracker Pork Fusilli

Fuzio Firecracker Pork Fusilli

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food processor
pork tenderloin (at least 4-5 pounds.)

garlic (in jar is ok)
green onion
cilantro (fresh)
ginger (dry or fresh)
habanero peppers (or any other really hot peppers)

pineapple juice (a lot)
soy sauce
olive oil
cava tappi or cellentani (spiral) noodles
sour cream

Marinate pork tenderloin (sliced into 1/2 inch thick slabs) for 1 day in :
Marinade: -2/3 parts pineapple juice to 1/3 part soy sauce -a heap of garlic
-puree of onion, fresh juicy cilantro, and ginger (dry or fresh) The more
ginger and cilantro the more flavor! Make enough marinade to submerge pork

After exactly 1 day separate the pork and marinade. (Keep the
marinade!!!) Sear all the pork in a thin layer bubbly hot cooking oil
until brown on both sides (30 seconds or so per side) Then add all the
marinade back to the pan. Cover and stew for exactly 2 hours!

In the meantime, you’ll need to prepare the heat of the dish! The habanero

Habanero Pesto: a puree of habanero peppers, green onion, olive oil, and
fresh juicy cilantro. Lots of cilantro! Be careful when cutting habaneros if
you are not familiar with them. They are so spicy they can cause temporary
blindness and numbness in your fingers. Use gloves and eye protection.

After 2 hours of stewing pork, separate stew(marinade) and pork. Save the
stew!! The pork should fall apart with a fork into small strandy chunks. Do
this to all the pork and put it aside. Strain the stew(marinade) to get all
the chunkers out. Let in settle in a tall container so you can scrape out
the separated fat in the stew with a spoon. Put the now purified stew juice
into a lid-less sauce pan and low boil to reduce for 15 minutes (add a
little starch if you want to thinken). At this time you are boiling spiral

Cooking is over. Now put the dish together. noddles first. then pork. then
drizzle reduced sauce, then add a dab of sour cream. put a dab of pesto on
top of that.

Then add fresh cilantro on top of that. let your guests mix it up.

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