Garlie butter.........delicious

Recently visited Orange Beach, Alabama…a resturant there called Graci’s had the best garlic butter that was made right in front of us at our table. You use 3 garlic pods…the whole thing…baked for an hour…you slice off the top of the pods and squeeze out the softened garlic. You then take a fork and stir and mix the garlic while you add about 1/4 cup of Parmesian Cheese, and Virgin Olive Oil to form a butter. It was served with Italian Bread loaves that were whole and you tore off the size piece of bread that you needed. It was fantastic…the best ever.

I bet they use something like this for the “white pizza” that is made without the tomato sauce. Increase the amounts used (olive oil) and I’m sure there would be enough for the pizza top. I’ll need to try that on a Bomboli pizza crust and top with artichokes, tomatos, and feta cheese.