German cuissine (KARTOFFELKLOBE) P.S. might be of another country

i have recipe in german language for this Kartoffelklobe in halb und halb,holsteinisch,pfalzisch,schlesisch,schwedisch,bayrisch and schwabisch, i`m trying to translate the language, is hard i would apreciated one of this recipe so i could try it it seem to be very interesting, if not thank for thinking about it or looking at it, have great holidays to all

Hello Vincent,
I see that your question about Kartoffelklösze* is already from 3 years ago. So did you get an answer, in the meantime ?
If not, I am willing to help you. Though I am Dutch, my German is quite good [my English is a bit less …]. So I presume together we would find out / come to a good translation.
[PS: you have written Karoffelklobe, but in fact this letter you have taken for a B is a ss or sz] - in the new German way of writing it is frequently replaced by an ss.
Kind greetings,
from The Netherlands

While I am not a big fan of sauerbraten, these dumplings sound perfect for my beef rouladen. Thank you.