Get Help for Depression ( Diabetes )

Get Help for Depression ( Diabetes )

Up to 20 percent of people with diabetes also suffer from depression. Know the symptoms, and know that there is help available.
Symptoms of depression may include:

Persistent feelings of sadness and/or anxiety.

Feelings of hopelessness and/or helplessness.

Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that you once enjoyed.

Fatigue and decreased energy.

Trouble concentrating and/or memory problems.

Sleep disturbances.

Appetite changes and weight loss or gain.

Thoughts of death or suicide.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these, don’t suffer in silence. There is help out there:

Talk to your doctor. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to talk to your doctor about how you’re feeling. Therapy or antidepressant medication may be a treatment option for you.

Join a support group. Check with your diabetes care provider, local hospital, and community center for diabetes support groups in your area.

Find a virtual shoulder to lean on. If a “real-time” support group isn’t available or isn’t an option for you, there are many wonderful online support forums, such as the dLife Community.

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