GI Diet

I just discovered this site and have just started GI diet.
Would love to hear from other members who are folowing this.
It sounds really intersting.

Hi i just starting the gi diet, was wondering if you would like to give me some help /info on the subject or even swap ideas etc. I have PCOS so hoping this diet will help with this


amy21 -

Welcome to RSN! I’ve heard of PCOS - and a friend of mine has it - she also has a book which for the life of me I cannot think of right now - but I am going to ask to borrow it and share the recipes, etc. with you.

Just give me a few days to get my hands on it!


hi folks how is it going, i totally forgot i posted on here.
I have read my gi i book but still unsre about were to start so would love some buddies who we can bleather wi each other about what we eating etc and try keep each other on track!

Wich, did you get the book of your friend?


Ps just out of intrest how do you send private messages as it says i have none in my inbox but i dont know how to send them either :confused:

amy21 - I did not get the book yet - with Thankdgiving and a few other things happening we just haven’t gotten together yet! Soon - and I did not forget.

To send a private message - just click PRIVATE MESSAGES at the top, fill in the name and just folow the form and SEND! It’s very easy - but ifyou need help - just holler!

hi thanks no probs you can let me know when you get the book

I’ve seen this diet before - and yes you lose weight - but not what they claim you do. I know a few that got sick on it - for some reason it looks “healthy” because of the tuna and veggies - but it has some sort of a reaction on the body. Check withyour doc and see what he says first.

I do not believe in crash diets for more than 1 to 3 days because of what they can do to a person’s body.

I’ve posted a 2 day diet from 1967 that does work and knocks off 5 -6 pounds easy. I don’t know if youve seen it.

I want to do this diet, anyone know the diet itself? Please let me know.

Hi KW I just logged on and was wondering if you got that book on the GI Diet. I’m interested in starting this diet.

Do you mean the PCOS one?

I am also doing this GI diet which is better for me. It is a permanent way to loss the weight. And I prefer it because it is not to hard to follow for anyone. Through this diet there is is no risk of heart disease.

I found it hard to avoid candy and sweets especially on a low carb and a GI diet. I found an online program that is a great balance of meals and real foods. The foods are sweet and can keep you from wanting a candy bar. They are low in carbs, low in calories, but high in protein. My favorite is the Caramel Brownie, but they also have delicious hot chocolate, shakes, tea, and even coffee. The program gives you easy to follow guidelines and ensures you’re eating enough calories so you’re not starving yourself. I also loved that it included a supplement that wasn’t a medication, but controlled my hunger by expanding in the stomach and acting as a filler so you couldn’t over eat. It also includes a natural fat burner. One person I know lost 3" from their waist on the program and 10lbs in 28 days.

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Hello krez. I’m going to start my GI diet this Tuesday. I’ve been researching about it and think it will work for me. I’m almost 44 and 260lbs. This is the biggest I’ve ever been. I’m so ready to get the weight off. I’ve gained the weight since I had my second child 11 years ago. I need to get healthy, because I want to be here for them and my grandchildren. I also crave sweets,so I was wondering what program you are using.

Low carb ingredients have been carefully researched both for taste and for their health effects. The premise of all low-carb foods and diet plans begins with nutrition-science basics.

Low-GI foods, diet low in this index only. Refined carbohydrates and sugar is high on the list should not be eaten. These include bread and other goods containing sugar and white flour. Vegetables, legumes, some fruits, low-fat dairy products and some cereals are low on the line.

So what program is it?