Gingerbread man ornaments

Help! I went to a craft show last weekend and one of the exhibitors was selling these absolutely adorable gingerman tree ornaments. She told me she had to experiment with a couple of recipes before getting hers right (of course she sis not give details) anyway, I spent all weekend trying different recipes, some made the “cookies” puff up and look like a gingerbread man on styroids! another recipe that was called heavy duty gingerbread man tree ornaments was impossible to roll out! The dough was like rubber! I finally found a recipe that works ok but my "cookies are not smooth on top, they have little puff spots. The ornament I purchased was nice and smooth on top. Any suggestions??? Thanks

Thanks for replying! I’ve tried the cinnamon ornaments and they are great, but not what I am looking for. I think the heavy duty Gingerbread ornament will work for me. Thanks for the help!