Does anyone have any gluten free recipes. My 2 yr old grandson is on a gluten free diet and I would love to find some foods to make for him. I am especially looking for a cake recipe so he can have a birthday cake for his 3rd birthday.

Thanks in Advance for any help,

Bevy :smiley:

Beverly - here is one sight that you can check out for gluten free recipes -

Hi Beverely,
Welcome to recipe secrets and hopw you enjoy it as much as we all do. here is another link to more recipe’s I hope this is some help to you. Sky

Hi Beverly…

I echo Sky’s sentiment in extending a WELCOME to you. The members here are great to help, when needed. I’m certain you’ll enjoy all that there is to offer here. Great reference links Kitchen Witch and Sky! Here’s one more.

This site is operated by Dennis and Merri Ann Weaver. Dennis is renowned for his baking expertise, and has several references to Gluten Free baking. I’m certain he has recipes to share as well. If not easily located, pop a quick question to Dennis about Gluten Free recipes. I know he’ll be only too happy to help out.

B-man :wink:

I just posted a Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe in the “Just Dessert” Forum under Chocolate. Hope it helps.