Gorgonzola & Pecan-Crusted Tomato Slices

Gorgonzola & Pecan-Crusted Tomato Slices

5 large tomatoes
2/3 cup Gorgonzola cheese – crumbled
2/3 cup cream cheese – softened
2 tablespoons parsley – finely minced
Ground black pepper to taste
1 cup ground pecans

Core tomatoes and remove enough pulp to make a narrow opening for the cheese stuffing. Turn tomatoes upside down to let seeds and juices drain.

In a bowl, combine cheeses, parsley and pepper. Stuff each tomato with cheese mixture, packing it in firmly. Refrigerate stuffed tomatoes for at least 1 hour.

When ready to serve, cut into thick slices. Sprinkle pecans over tomato slices, leaving cheese visible.

Use 2-3 slices per portion.

NOTES : Here’s the perfect dish for milling about with and nibbling. We loved the way these slices look, like vivid red flowers with a pool of creamy white in the center.

Fresh herbs make an eye-catching garnish.

OPTION: Use bleu cheese in place of Gorgonzola.
Use ground almonds or walnuts in place of pecans.