government regulating our eating habits

What is your opinion regarding our government stepping in and asking restaurants to cut portions, stop super-sizing, change cooking fats, etc?

If you frequent a favorite restaurant because of the generous portions they offer, do you feel that the restaurant should be forced into decreasing the portion sizes by the government? What about the price you are paying (cost that is)?

And who doesn’t enjoy going to a smorgasbord, Chinese buffet, or an all-you-can-eat menu being offered from time to time?

Mc Donald’s (for instance) used to have the best fries - until they were forced into changing their cooking oil. Many of my friends (I don’t go there anymore) won’t order their fries anymore because they have lost their flavor. As one would say - “why don’t they just boil them in water and get it over with…that’s about the taste of them.”

My opinion is - no one is force-feeding you and making you eat when you decide to supersize or enjoy a buffet. A person’s food choice is their business. Poor food choices result in weight gain and health problems. It’s just like having the choice to smoke or not.

We’ve all heard the computer term - GIGO - garbage in garbage out - well that is what happens when you have a poor diet. Take in enough garbage and not only will your insides suffer but so will the outer you - your shape, your skin, etc. But as far as I’m concerned - I don’t think the government should regulate portions served by a restaurant.

Everything in a supermarket (and also many fast food restaurants and restaurants) has the nutritional value on the package/leaflet. I feel it’s up to us to decide what we eat and how we want it prepared - not the government.

But this is just my opinion.

I think somebody has to do something! I’m all for restaurants changing their oils, reducing serving sizes, etc.

First of all, not everyone has “self control” and need help. When the serving size is big, a lot of it gets wasted. In the end, we all pay for it - higher prices for the meal, higher inventory cost for the restaurant, extra calories, more garbage, etc. If you want more, buy more. Paying extra for more food might help stop some people from overeating!

All in all, too many people are overweight and/or have health issues. But it is nice to eat out once in awhile and it would be good for all of us if these changes happen. This doesn’t mean that there still can’t be buffets, smorgasbords, etc. And it would be nice to know that they use the good oil.

On the evening news a few weeks ago, they showed results for the worst and best fast food restaurants regarding trans fat for chicken nuggets and fries.

Worst was Kentucky Fried Chicken with 18.9 g of trans fat
Then it was Wendy’s (can’t remember their number)
Then Burger King (12. something of trans fat)
Best was McDonalds with 1.8 g of trans fat

Wendy’s said that they would do something to reduce the amount of trans fat in their food.

Portion control would also be good for children to learn early! Too many children are overweight and have serious health issues at an early age. Nowadays, they have so many “barriers” to deal with in life (bullies, etc.), they don’t need to deal with being overweight too - so why not teach them right at an early age about portion control, trans fat, overweight issues, etc. Learning to eat right can only be A GOOD THING! I’m not saying to “scare” them because of anorexia/bulemia. There’s a proper way of doing it. My daugher’s friend (we’re talking about 2-3 years ago), would often vomit after she ate. She always seemed to “pig out” and then vomit. She’s not overweight or skinny, just right for her age. This bothered my daughter a lot and she told her friend about the dangers of anorexia that she learned in health class in school and about the proper way to maintain a healthy balanced meal. There’s something about a child taking value in what another child explains to them - compared to the info coming from an adult.

My daugher always reminds her father about portion control, referring to the palm of his hand as a portion and the Canada Food Guide - which she learns about in school. He’s a slow learner! LOL

Anyways, my opinion.


There are some adults that need to consume more calories than others due to their metabolism, etc. I don’t mean those that just enjoy eating to the point that they are damaging their bodies and health. You can take two men - both 6 feet tall and weighing 185 lbs. There is a good chance that one eats bigger portions than the other.

I have seen buffets where the diners actutally eat until they have consumed more food at one sitting than some people eat all week! That is something that is uncalled for. To me a buffet is a nice variety of foods that you can sample - not stuff yourself to the point that you are making a pig of yourself. I have watched people at buffets overload their plates to the point that they are actually dropping food from the plate as they walk back to their tables. And they do that on every trip they make. That is something I just don’t understand.

Nowadays there are so many overweight and obese children and adults. Too much TV, computer, couch potatoes - you name it. School budgets are doing away with sports and activities for students. Phy ed classes now consist of mostly sports related activity…not much of the good old physical fitness exercises we had years ago. Everyone drives to the corner for gas or ciggies or milk instead of walking a block or two. We have an ex-Mr. Physically Fit (he used to take care of himself and he looked great!) who now is retired, 60 pounds heavier, sits on the computer all day and every day drives about 12 houses down the street to visit his friend. And he has more health problems from it all.

Families are too busy to eat good home-cooked meals. Everyone has to be somewhere else instead of at the table eating as a family. Everyone is too tired to cook because they were working. Home cooking for many is fast food, microwaved frozen thingies, or just plain junk food. Lunch hours at work are usually a candy bar or chips and pop. Large companies have snack boxes or vending machines loaded with forbidden foods. And those that have desk jobs that can eat at their desks while working - their diets are pathetic.

We learned at an early age in school the proper portions and the proper foods to eat. We had to know our vitamins and minerals. We had to pass physical fitness tests. We walked to school, walked home at lunch, walked back after lunch and walked home from school. We played outside, walked to each others houses, walked to the store and we did not sit in front of the TV. If we had time to watch TV then we had time to study!

In my day the father was the provider and the mother was the homemaker. Call it the days of Ozzie and Harriet or Leave It to Beaver - but everyone was healthier then. We didn’t have fast food joints on every street corner.

We learned nutrition in school - we had home ec classes and learned portions there as well. Those classes are a thing of the past. They have been replaced by sex ed and gay acceptance classes.

Portion sizes - I still feel should be left to the individual diner. You do not need to order a large portion of anything. I know that when I eat out, I prefer the smaller meals for myself. I have been told that at buffets “I don’t get my money’s worth!” I don’t believe in making a pig of myself - I prefer the sampling of different things. That to me is getting my Money’s worth.

My friend’s daughter and her hubbie are both trying to climb the corporate ladder and they put in many hours. The kids are in way too many activities for any family to put up with. Breakfast is a poptart and a bottle of cola to get their engines revving. Book bags hold cookies, candy bars, chips, colas. If they are lucky - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or those snackie-thingie cheese and crackers. For lunch the parents eat at their desks - candy or junk and cola - to keep them going. A hot meal is a ride through the drive-thru and eating in the car while travelling somewhere. Home cooking is pizza and wings. The kids love wings and eat them at least 3 times a week. They are all slim in that family so they feel that they are healthy. They don’t see the damage they are doing to their bodies and their childrens bodies. And they are not the only family living like that.

I am very old-fashioned. I believe in home cooking, well balanced meals and snacks of fruits and nuts and MILK. Junk food on occasion. We always had well balanced meals and good home cooking. I was never a junk food junkie and I didn’t crave those things. My body was satisfied because it was receiving the proper nutrients. Sure I had candy and potato chips, popcorn and pretzels. Just not every day and in small portions. My parents never believed in locking up goodies or telling me that I could not eat anything I wanted. I could eat anything I wanted. But it was the balanced diet and home cooking that satisfied me. I didn’t need the empty calories. Cripe - with all the cooking and baking, canning and preserving done in my house, there were days you got full just doing all that! And now - after a full day of canning, etc. I am satisfied with a cup of tea and a piece of fruit or yogurt!

I still don’t blame the restaurants - I blame the consumers! No one forces anyone to eat anything.

It is so easy today to find information to help anyone lose weight and eat healthier. Years ago we didn’t have the internet to turn to, we didn’t have all the diet and exercise books they have now, we didn’t have nutritional values on food products (everything was homemade then!) and we didn’t have fast food joints everywhere you looked! Every magazine and newspaper has articles. Every TV station has advertisements or information available.

Like they say - you can lead a horse to water - but you can’t make him drink. It’s the same with people - you can give them all the tools to eat better and live longer and healtier lifestyles - but you can’t make them follow any of it.

Isn’t it a shame on how things have changed! You are so RIGHT when you say that families are too busy to cook proper homecooked meals and eat together in a relaxing atmosphere, not rush rush. It’s too bad!

I’m only 44 and I still remember the milkman coming to the door to collect the empty bottles and give new ones. I remember having our own mailbox at the driveway and not a “postal box”. We had one teacher for grades 1 to 5 in one classroom. Walking to and from school - no buses in those days - for grades 1 and 2. But most of all, even through high school, I remember coming home from school and knowing that my mother was home getting supper ready. Hoping she was making something I really liked (I was pretty fussy in those days, compared to now…lol). Just knowing that I wasn’t coming home to an empty house was a comforting thing. In those days, my family didn’t buy fast foods.

My mother always told her kids that she would never babysit any of her grandchildren for the mother to go work, unless it was absolutely necessary. I, too, believe in that strongly. My parents have 4 children, two boys and two girls. My father thought the boys how to hunt, fish, and to survive in the wilderness. My mother thought the girls how to clean, cook, do laundry, and sew. And we all learned how to garden and slaughter chickens together.

Geez…I remember the gardening and canning and freezing. Doesn’t anybody do that today? Everything is bought, preservatives and all!

It’s too bad that today’s world is so fast-paced… for what? money and toys! Like I always said, I’d rather be poor and happy instead of having the almighty dollar with all the stress and headaches, and unhappiness, lonelyless. I’ve just seen too many people wanting more and more, only to have their kids/family suffer.

But then again, it’s always more expensive to live in the big cities. Like a commercial states… if u win $1 million and live in Toronto, you can buy a house with a little backyard. If you win $1 million and live in Atlantic Canada (or northern Ontario), you can buy a big house, cars, toys, a farm, boat, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc., and still have money in the bank! LOL

Have a good one!


It’s nice to know that someone else has the same wonderful memories of THE GOOD OL’ DAYS!!

I would give anything to have the milkman bringing those glass bottles of milk with the cream on top! Till today I forget myself and turn the milk carton upside down to distribute the cream! Mom always comments when I do it - but it’s my way of remembering that time when life was so nice. And I can’t find a dairy that still sells milk in glass bottles anymore!

We also had a produce man driving a large flatbed loaded with fresh fruits and veggies that were absolutely perfect! It sure wasn’t the third-rate produce so many of our supermarkets overcharge us for! And we had a baker who came around with a truck loaded with breads, coffee cakes and doughnuts! And don’t forget the popcorn man. He was about 100 years old, pushing that cart up and down each street peddling fresh made popcorn and caramel corn. As well as the man with the truck who would drive up and down the streets and would sharpen your knives, scissors, etc. We even had the S & S man, he peddled bleach and laundry detergents and of course, the Fuller Bursh man! For the kiddies there was the man with the little merry-go-round on the back of his truck and for a nickel you got to ride around several times. And you appreciated them - you knew them and they knew you.

I’m 9 years older than you - and my mom was a stay-at-home mom as well. I learned to knit and crochet at the age of 3. Gram taught me how to make homemade macaroni and bread when I was 3. I was ironing at an early age and I was not allowed to use the wringer washer - but once we got the automatic washer - I could use it. Mom didn’t want my fingers/hands getting caught in the wringer washer.

I learned to sew and made my first hand-sewn apron by the time I was 5.

Dad got sick when I was 12 - I was just entering High School. Mom went to work. Housework, laundry and ironing was done each morning before mom went to work and I went to school. After school I made dinner for us. We ate as a family. Mom would bake bread before leaving for work and I would bake cakes, pies, cookies, etc. after school. Saturdays were spent baking all day because the whole family was at our house every Sunday for dinner. We cooked and baked for an army. Canning was done on top of the stove while the oven was on all day! We had 2 complete kitchens in the house and we ran from one to the other all day. One stove had the double oven - it was non-stop all day.

I still remember starching dad’s white cotton shirts and the old sprinkling bottle which was a VEEP (try to find that pop today!) bottle with the sprinkling top stuck in it and having to sprinkle the shirts and roll, let them set a spell and then iron them. When steam irons came out it was much easier - although it was a hard-sell for the old-fashioned ways in our house.

But the most important thing - we were a FAMILY - we took time to laugh and cry together. The kitchen was the heart of our house - filled with many memories. Stores were closed at night, supermarkets were closed Saturday afternoons and Sundays as well as Wednesday afternoon and evenings. We didn’t have these mega-stores with everything in them - you went from the meat market to the bakery, to the produce stand and then the supermarket. You went to the fish market weekly. Mailmen walked for miles - never saw them drive anywhere. The milkman brought the milk, eggs, cottage cheese, and butter (if you didn’t want to make your own). We didn’t walk the streets at night. We had the soda shop. Theaters could only show one movie at a time (with cartoons!) because they weren’t these mega-plexes they have today. We respected our neighbor. You helped your neighbor. You remembered your manners at all times. You showed respect for your elders and you wouldn’t say sh-- if you had a mouth full. The library was the greatest invention for all those term papers and studying for a big test with classmates.

Give me the simple life anyday! Now you know why I want to move to a more rural area - just to take a step back, plant a large garden, fruit trees and I wouldn’t mind having my own chickens!