Grandma's White Gravy (Sweet vanilla sauce for waffles)

I’d love to read others old family favorites you’d like to share!

In our family, every special breakfast, especially Christmas morning, had to include my German grandma’s wonderful waffles and white gravy. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to try it with a variety of waffles. While plain buttermilk waffles are our family tradition, some of our other favorites are toasted pecan and/or coconut, banana, and chocolate chip. It is also nice to top Belgian waffles with this gravy and then fresh berries.

Grandma’s White Gravy:D
1 qt whole milk
1/2 c sugar
1/4 c flour
6-8 Tbls butter
1 tsp vanilla

 In 2qt saucepan, over med. heat, scald milk taking care not to scorch!

In small bowl mix flour & sugar till well blended. Slowly whisk flour mixture into scalded milk. Continue whisking over med. heat until thickened gravy consistency. Whisk in butter & vanilla and remove from heat. Cover or serve immediately to prevent “skin” from forming on top.
May be refrigerated or frozen & reheated adding small amount milk or cream to thin if needed.
Serves 8 to 10