Grandmother's Watermelon Rind Pickle

Grandmother’s Watermelon Rind Pickle

4 lbs watermelon rind
1 gal. cold water
3 Tbsp. pickling lime
2 qts. ginegar
2 Tbsp. whole allspice
1 Tbsp. whole cloves
2 long sticks cinnamon
2 pieces ginger root
1 lemon peel
2 tsp. salt
3 lbs sugar
1 qt. boiling water

Select firm, thick, melon rind; remove all pink meat and green skin; weigh; cut into cubes or strips. Dissolve lime in gallon cold water; add rind and let stand several hours; rinse rind and cover with fresh water; let stand 2 or 3 hours. Change water and cook until tender. Let stand over night in cooking water. Combine all other ingredients and bring to a boil; add the drained rind and boil gently until clear. Remove spices, pack rind into sterilized jars and seal immediately.