Greek baked chicken

Hi, new to this sight and hoping someone can help me find a recipe. I was in Greece last year and had this amazing baked chicken & potatoes and I’ve been searching ever since for the recipe. It was creamy & very yellow in color, no other chunky veggies other than the potatoes. I’ve tried a couple saffron recipes thinking that’s what it was and it did kind of resemble the taste but not close enough in taste or color. There was no real citrus taste in the original, or it was very mild. Any ideas? Thanks!!

I know a recipe of greek baked chicken but it doesn’t have potatoes in it. Maybe some addition by yourself make it close to that recipe.


chicken 1.5 kg
thyme 1 tablespoon
oil according to your requirement
oregano to your taste. I usually like more
rosemary (must be dry) 1 tablespoon

and if you want some extra flavour then add some lemon.

Thanks for the suggestion!