Grilled Pineapples and Peaches

Last but not least, we’re going to go ahead and grill some peaches and some pineapples here. I’ve got a nice clean grill, a nice slick surface to throw these guys on. So what I’ve done is cut straight through the peach and actually cut the seed and the pit out. It will still give us enough substance to turn with a spatula, which is the idea when you’re grilling things. You need to facilitate your tools, even with a hole in the middle. We’re going to put those guys down like that. I sprayed a little non-stick too right before I put these on. I’ve got some pineapples and I also cut the core out of these as well. I’ll be gentle with these so that I can turn them with the spatula as well. When you’re choosing pineapple just make sure that its firm to the touch. If it gives any from the outside just by feel, usually that means it’s over-ripened. The core is always going to be hard, so we’ve cut that out actually to facilitate eating. These are only going to take a few minutes on each side, so we’re going to come back in a couple. So we’ve got some really good lines out of the pineapples. We got some fainter lines actually on the peaches. I didn’t want to out too much heat on those guys. What’s happening there is that the residual natural sugars are coming out of these and it’s starting to caramelize a little on each side. And that’s what actually gives you your grill marks. We’ve got these on the second side, and we’re going to go ahead and close that lid. What’s going to happen is the juice is going to start seeping out of these guys, and with the lid closed, you’re going to generate a little bit of steam so it will keep them nice and soft. I’m going to go ahead and clamp the lid down on this guy for another 4 minutes or so and they should be all finished.

Good recipe! I love to cook on the grill. Thanks for giving me something new to cook:)