Ground Beef?

Hi. I am new here. I would like to post this, as I see others complaining of their grocery bill going sky high. Mine too. I am now spending about $80.00 a week on a family of 3. I did find a way to cut back on my ground beef prices. 73% lean ground beef goes for about $2.49 a pound. If you have a meat grinder (walmart 30 bucks, electric) you can do exactly what the grocery store does for more than half the price. 7steak bone in or chuck steak (same thing), runs about 99 cents to 1.29 a pound, depending on where you live. Grind it yourself for you 73% lean ground beef. Prefer a bit more lean? Bottom Round is about $2.39 a pound and you get 85% lean. Buy 85% lean ground beef and it runs almost $4.00 a pound where I live. And here is the real kicker, want to eat real healthy and have 90+% lean ground beef, which here in my town cost almost $6.00 a pound, Buy beef shank and remove it from the bone yourself and grind it up, beef shank cost you 99 cents a pound to $1.29 a pound with the bone in and it is extremely lean so it is used to make the healthiest packages of lean ground beef that the stores make a fortune on.

you are so correct. If you research the USDA laws on what can and cannot go into our ground beef, you will find out, the laws only pertain to ground beef that crosses a state line. Most ground beef is done locally in the grocery store, therefore they can get away with putting whatever they want in it.

I don’t have a meat grinder, but I use my food processor to grind my beef and it works well. I like having kitchen tools that have more than one function because of lack of space.

I have my personal grinder because it is very useful especially for a chef like me. Kitchen tools and utensils are the things that I would love to collect. :slight_smile: