Guinness Extra Stout Floats

This Secret Recipe (shown below) comes from the Redcastle Hotel in Donegal, Ireland. This deluxe oceanfront resort is located on one of the most beautiful peninsulas in Ireland. The Redcastle features its own private 9 hold golf course and an exciting restaurant with delicious recipes created by chef Eglinton Gordon Smyth.

For St. Patrick’s Day, the Redcastle serves up a decadent Guinness float. This is a great-tasting cocktail and dessert all in one. If you would like to make a kid-friendly version, replace the Guinness with 3/4 cup of cola.



Guinness Extra Stout Floats

  • 2 scoops coffee ice cream
  • approx. 3/4 cup Guinness
  • Garnish: dark chocolate syrup (and dark chocolate shavings)
  1. In a frosty mug, line sides with dark chocolate syrup then add 2 scoops coffee ice cream and fill with Guinness. Garnish with additional chocolate syrup and dark chocolate shavings (optional).

  2. Add a spoon and fun straw. Serve immediately

Serves 1

Source: Redcastle Hotel

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