Gyro Meat AUTHENTIC Taste Recipe?????

I’ve been trying like heck to duplicate the taste of the Gyro meats from Grecian Delight, Kronos, etc. But, no luck (()=)/&%$% !!! The texture is easy, but that taste eludes me.

Looked and tried many of the recipes on the Internet, but nothing comes close. Actually, the closest was one for a Donair, but still no dice.

Can you great people PLS HELP??? Thank you.

Thanky! Will try the beef ones you posted.

But frankly the recipes are very similar to all the ones I have used.

Any other recipes that may be winners?

All the best!

I am confused. KW, you said Kronos uses 80% beef and 20 % lamb. Your recipe that follows is approximately 80% lamb and 20% beef. Is this a different recipe than Kronos?