H.e.l.l.'s Kitchen

Is anyone following the new H e l l 's Kitchen??

For the life of me I don’t know where they find these people. I cannot believe that the chosen ones are the best they can get.

I cringe when I watch it! Some of them actually turn my stomach!

To actually see Jane throw an over-abundance of cooked pasta in the garbage only to find out that one more pasta dish is needed, and to reach in and grab it out of the garbage and re-boil it and serve it - OMG!!!

I would love to see 12 fabulous chefs competing for the grand prize of a multi-million dollar restaurant!

I’m watching the show. I love it. I was really disturbed by the pasta being pulled out of the garbage and recooked, but almost serving rancid crab was just as bad. I also would like to know where they find these chefs. It is pretty scary to think about what we are served in restaurants!

Purelilac - it is TOO scary!

It’s bad enough that foods can be served over/under cooked, cold, reheated when they shouldn’t be, etc. - no one should have to worry about garbage being recycled into their dish and rancid crab!

by the way - I missed the part when Chef Ramsey told that one cook (the crybaby) that he could not return to the kitchen because he had a disease - what does he have?