H.J.'s Southwestern Salsa

H.J.'s Southwest Salsa
Makes about 56 ounces
I have a Bravatti Blender with 2 blades
This chunks as much or little as you like . . love this thing.
Throw all in this blender
3-4 large green chilies------de-stemed and de-seeded cut into pieces

10 medium green onions using ¾ of the stems - cut into pieces
1 - 2 T. powdered onion . . Your preference

3 - 4 garlic cloves depending on size - take off the casing - throw in
1 T. Granulated powder garlic . . Your preference

½ to ¾ of a fresh lemon or lime medium size peel and
cut three into quarters - don’t squeeze
About a large ½ handful of fresh Cilantros or to your taste
½ tsp. of Mexican oregano ground powder if you like…Optional

1 Jalapeno… no stem … .but use the seeds. Throw in whole…
…to make hot use 2 jalapeno’s
Hotter yet add. . . 1 Habanero pepper …seeds and all

if you like salsa mild forget the jalapeno’s add a couple more
green chilies

add ¼ or little more cup water Blend well all together
Adding last
1 -28 0z. can Hunts petite cut Tomatoe & juice
1 can more (15) oz. can of the same brand .

Salt to your taste buds (I Use Kosher Salt)
let sit in refrigerator -flavors will blend HJ’s :wink:
If you care to make less just use one can of Hunts tomatoes
and only 5 green onions everything else the same.