Halloween Bedpan Pudding

Needed for pudding:

Go on-line and find a place that sells hospital surplus. Purchase an enamaled Bed Pan. The old style that is about four inches deep and has a lip around opening.


4 packs Instant Chocolat Pudding mix —
|- Either /OR
4 recipes home made Chocolat Pudding —

1 recipe Blond Brownies or Med Drk Ginger bread

1 small bag Butterscotch Chips

1/2 large Hersey Bar chopped into course chunks

Mix Pudding as per box or your favorite recipe and mix in large bowl. Dice up the Blond Brownies into irregular chunks and add to pudding. Add Butterscotch Chips and mix all into pudding. Pour mixture into scaled bedpan and make sure some of the Brownies and CHips show throught the pudding.

To be really sick get some red Licorice strings and cut into small lenghts and add for blood streaks in what the pudding mix looks like LOL

My sister works at a hospital. One Halloween they acturally used bed pans, etc to serve an employee pot luck. The good thing was (if there can be a good thing), modern hospitals use throw away plastic items for these things now days and that’s what they used, brand new disposal bed pans, etc. I still didn’t eat anything (my sister had invited me). :wink:

Yeah, I agree. I have been to parties where they mix drinks or punch in new plastic trash cans, wastebaskets, etc and serve desserts in kitty litter pans, dog dishes, etc. Even if they are new they are not sterile food grade plastic. Yuck.

Well, this morning I had unborn chicken embryos, and pig’s butt laced with trichinosis parasites (ham & eggs). The idea of pudding out of a bedpan, doesn’t sound so risky.

On a similar subject (inappropriate venues for food), about 20 years ago, the Chart House Restaurant (I believe they are a chain) opened a branch in Los Gatos, CA in a closed down funeral home. I could not believe it when they did this and I would never consider going to such a place. What were they thinking?

Do not feel bad. Some years ago a {omitted}{omitted}{omitted}{omitted}{omitted} Movie House closed and the new rewnter put a Kenny Roger’s Roasters in the building. From one type of Rooster to another LOL

Also I did say to scald the bedpan before use. Remember Hawkeye and Trapper made martinis in a Glass Urinal!