Ham and Bean Soup

I made ham and bean soup yesterday but it has given everyone gas. Is there something I did wrong?

(singing) beans, beans, the musical fruit - the more you eat - the more you toot!

Beans do that. If you used dry beans - did you soak them overnight? Some say that helps. Others swear by soaking in apple cider vinegar instead of water to eliminate the gass and bloat.

But - beans do that - you did nothing wrong.

Thank you KW for responding so soon. I did not soak my dried Great Northern Beans but cooked them slow in chicken broth. They softened just great and then I added my ham. You’re right about being bloated, it affected EVERYONE. I will now try soaking them the next time and use the vinegar idea… thank you so much!

It’s the holiday right now - but in a few days you will most likely see more posts and ideas for this as well.

Hope your tummies feel better!

The secret is to run a needle through each bean before you serve it to let the gas out. Ta DA!!!

You could try adding a pinch or two of baking SODA but it will make your pot really foam up quickly; however, I’ve found that it does help gas from a pot of
most dry beans or peas.

or just give everyone an anti gas pill