Hamburger Cookies

I have no clue what catagory this would go under, but they are kinda sorta cute when they are done. Kids can easily make them.

Box of Nilla Wafers
2 containers of white frosting
1 bag Pearson’s mints-unwrapped
red paste coloring
yellow paste coloring

Mix red coloring with one white container of frosting. Then do the same with the Yellow coloring and the second container of white frosting. Take a Nilla wafer frost the flat side with yellow frosting. Place unwrapped mint on yellow frosting. Take another Nilla wafer and frost the flat side with red frosting. Place red frosting side down on top of mint. There you have a hamburger cookie with catsup and mustard! (I suppose you could brush the top with Karo syrup and apply some chocolate sprinkles for sesame seeds!)