has my dough gone bad?

a week ago ,i decided too bake a lemon pie,so i started off with the dough which was supposed to be refrigerated for an hour and then covered with lemon cream and baked…
however…i had some circumstances which prevented me from baking it so it stayed in the refrigerator for a whole week instead of an hour…can i finish my recipe using it now or has it gone bad?

“When in doubt, throw it out.”

I’d think it would still be good. Yet, I’ve thought that often so as not to waste food. Still, one night of stomach pain isn’t worth the chance to save a few dollars.

To be honest, I don’t do much baking. I know stores sell pre-made crusts that can be refridgerated for like over 10 days. But don’t know if those have any preservatives.

Flour doesn’t go bad in a week, sugar doesn’t go bad in a week, butter doesn’t go bad in a week, so why would pie dough, which is basically those ingredients, go bad in a week?

I thought of that; Dried pasta doesn’t go bad in a week and water doesn’t ever go bad, but mix them together, and in a week ya’ get mold.
Like my basil leaves and olive oil. Both last a long time, but put them together, and I got mold in 10 days.

I still say, why risk a tummy ache for $2 worth of ingredients. Yet for some dumb reason, I do such a thing once a week. LOL
Only makes me sick 1 out of 10 times, but everytime, I swear I’ll never do it again. If only I’d listen to myself :wink:

I have never had mold form in a week in the fridge.

Whenever I put dough in the fridge for later use for however long I plan it to be there, I tightly double it in plastic wrap. It keeps perfectly for even 2 weeks. No odor or slime!