Hello and HELP!

Hello, I am new to this. I am a retired children’s librarian living in Augusta, KY, childhood home of George Clooney and Miss America 2000, Heather French Henry. It is a lovely, quaint, historical little town with craft and antique shops plus a few very nice restaurants. I am a married grandmother of three and really enjoy my grandchildren. I like to sing karaoke at my cousin’s house, read murder mysteries, cosies, mostly; and I like to play games on Facebook. :roll:

I just downloaded the cookbooks and can only find one of them on my computer. When I put in the names of the ones I got like Secret Sauces, 5_Star_Secret_Recipes, Good Ole Comfort Foods, etc., I can’t get them to come up. If I go to the Start Menu and do a search with these titles, shouldn’t they show up?:(:confused::roll: