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Hi from Canada. Home of the beaver, moose and lobster. Something I worked on years ago and had good results was a “secret” Derby Style steak marinade. A local tavern back in the 70’s had great success with tavern style Derby steaks. Fast forwards to the 90’s I spent countless hours experimenting and almost nailed the taste. Got married and distracted from the project thus never completed what was started. The Derby steak was a thin cut round steak, marinated, turning it into a fantastic taste sensation. I use to work on the kitchen equipment in the Derby so I caught a glimpse of some of the stuff used to make the steaks so fantastically tasty. I did not write down the recipe but remember most of it. The Derby is now a distant memory, but the recipe was picked up by the Steak and Stine. They re invented it into a powder thus the original recipe is a distant footnote forgotten except by me! With all this being said, I am going to finish what I started way back when. The original Derby was located in the North end of Halifax Nova Scotia and a very popular steak house in it’s day. Getting a seat on Friday was hit or miss as those mouth watering marinated miracles filled that tavern to the brim. I sometimes make a wanna be batch for the BBQ, but not as good as the Derby. My attitude is that it has to be as good as, or better to be worthy of posting. Back in 1991 I nailed it, but did not write the portions. I am very confident I can resurrect the original Derby recipe and then share the results. This summer I will nail the recipe and share. I am sure any steak lover will enjoy the Derby clone. You will chuckle at the super secret ingredient discovered by asking the original manager of the Derby back in 1984. That is another story for another day. I am sure you will enjoy it, but want to perfect it prior to posting. A lot of money was made selling steaks using the Derby name. I am motivated as this forum is where the flavor begins. Has anyone had the pleasure of dining at the Derby in the 70’s-80’s on Gottigen St? Fast forwards to present, the most popular item on the Steak and Stine’s menu are those taste tempting Derby steaks, and they serve them by the truckload. My goal is to have that legendary steak on the tip of your fork before the end of summer! Thank you for reading. Best regards Dan.

so can you share what you remember outside of nova scotia nobody has a clue what we are talking about LOL just like the donair

hi dan, i am also a fan of the derby style at the steak and stien,any chance you will post a recipe for us to try?

would love to see the recipe huge fan of steak and stien

Loved The Derby and Steak & Stein, did you ever come up with the recipe, i would love to have it.