Hello baking people. (people who bake are so hot)

New here, don’t expect to post much as I am functionally blind and reading is extremely difficult. Need to find if I can get my screen reader to work with this forum without a lot of cutting and pasting.

I am in the process of perfecting my recipes that I will use with my food storage when the bottom drops out and chaos reigns. I grind my own grain and have at this time have my cornbread recipe working acceptable but am having trouble with my bread. I swear if the loafs I have made so far had 3 holes and were painted red I could sell them as bricks but they do taste good, just need a little work getting the rise out of the dough. At any rate I am going to use some of the suggestions I found here tomorrow and if I am successful I will add to the thread about brick hard no rise bread in the whole wheat thread.

Thanks for listening to me prattle on, have a most wonderful say.