Hello from Croatia

Hello from Croatia! My name is Eduard and I am glad I’m here!

If you can do only one favour for me, please, do it! I would really like to have a recipe Coca-Cola Classic Coke from topsecretrecipes.com, but it is really hard to pay’em from Croatia. Please, post it here.

I will try to do my best on working with this forum.

Thank you very much!

Efro - welcome to our site.

I don’t think we can do much to help you here.

That site is completely different than our site. Maybe a member has the book and will post it for you.

In the meantime - I hope you enjoy your stay.

By the way - we would love some Croation recipes!

Feel free to ask for anything you need - there is always someone here that is willing to help!

Welcome to RSN!

Kitchen Witch

OK! But I will not be so much active because I have to study for the college, etc. BTW, thanks!


After searching all of Secret Recipes (I have all of the books.) and elsewhere for a cola copy-cat recipe, I finally found this web site: RootBeerBrewer.com - How to Brew Root Beer, Soda Pop, and Other Nonsense | Home You will not believe how difficult, dangerous and expensive the process for making the cola copy-cat is and it’s not even referred to as Coca or Pepsi, but some thing called Open cola. It also appears that the info is from Japan. Take a look at the site and see if you want to venture down that road. I don’t believe I would even consider it.
Sorry to be so tunnel-visioned in my post. Welcome to the site and I hope on some other topic I can be of more help. Look forward to some of those Croatian recipes, when you have time.

Thx, m8!