Hello, introduction, & question

Hi everyone:
My name on this site is shiningstar. That name was given to me by my 103 yr. Old cherokee grandmother. I am a 61 yr. Old mother of 3 and grandmother of 5. I love to read, write poems & short stories, oil paint, sew, cook (especially native american dishes), travel, scrapbooking, and just about any kind of crafting. I have a question for everyone: I am looking for a recipe for diabetic ranch dressing. My grandson is a type 1 diabetic, & i have just been diagnosed with the disease. We both love ranch dressing the best, & do not want to have to give up eating it. Can anyone help???

Hello everybody, am new here and it’s the first time that I am posting and am trying to find out how it works. So, please, bear with me !
Am 61, Swiss, and living, sorry, struggling in Romania as a Psychologist and Social worker…not easy, believe me…
I am a PASSIONATE cook and am unable to follow a recipe up to the dot but, so far, nobody complained about the result and even ask for more :smiley:
Have a huge collection of spices and use essential oils too…normal, I am an Alchemist in my soul8)