Hello new person on the farm

My sister and I used to tell people we learned to cook for self preservation. Our mother was a wonderful woman but she never mastered cooking. My family and I have lived all over the US and have now come home to Kentucky. We have a horse farm and orchard and a small vegetable garden. Vegs are so inexpensive in the summer that we get most at local farmer’s markets. Hope it cools off soon so I can start baking bread and not have the oven heating the house. I collect old cookbooks from the 30s to the 50s and have some recipes I want to try.:wink:

Even though it is hot and humid here year round I still bake bread on average once a week. And only use the A/C during the hottest months; April, May and part of June.

My maternal grandmother was not much of a cook, consequently my two aunts were the same. One never bothered and the other shouldn’t have. I recall going to my aunt’s for meatloaf dinner one evening. When it was time to eat my aunt said, “I hope themeatloaf is done.” I asked her how long it was in the oven. She said, “A little over 3 HOURS.” I asked how big was the meatloaf. She said, “1 1/2 pound”. I almost choked when I told her I was sure it was done. It was as dry as sawdust and she didn’t even make any gravy.

Luckily, my paternal grandmother was an excellent cook and she taught my mother to cook.

Never posted anything on any site before, and not even sure this is the right place to do it. If it isn’t, I’m sorry, but if it is, just wanted to say most of these recipes look really good, and I’ve found several I want to try. I enjoy checking out the site, and reading things on here. Seems like a nice friendly bunch. Thank you.

Welcome to the board!

There is nothing better than fresh produce from a farmers market!

I collect cookbooks too… I would love to hear one of these classic recipes from the 30’s cookbooks!

Welcome NanaDavis and fedupintn. I’m new here, as well and I’m really enjoying it here!