Hello there... new Delaware Member

Just popping in to say hello to everyone. I’m an avid cook who is just starting to work on making my own jelly and preserves, so I thought I’d find a forum where I can share thoughts, ideas and recipes with others who love the kitchen as much as I do (except the dirty dishes, of course). :wink:

I’m a wife, step-mom to two college-bound young adults), social worker/government employee (20 years on the job), volunteer (environmental, seniors, and rescued MinPins), daughter (military brat with both parents still surviving), sister (to 4 siblings), and lots more titles to go with theses.

I’m currently living in Middletown, Delaware; with plans to retire to Caswell, Maine in about 10 years. I love photography (have done 6 gallery shows so far), making jewelry (and other types of crafts), entering sweepstakes (I’m a lucky person by nature) and traveling… you don’t want to know how many places I’ve been or how many more I want to visit before I kick the bucket!

I love meeting new people and can’t wait to make new friends on this site.

Hi and welcome here. WOW!!! With all going on in your life how do you find time for cooking??? (kidding)

There is so much fantastic info & so many wonderful recipes & fantastic people here.  Hope you enjoy being here as much as I do!