hello :-)

I just signed up for this website, just thought if I could find a few different recipes, thats worth trying

I have been all over the US and some of Asia (Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, India)

Traveled through the best part of Europe (France, Germany, Holland, Belgium)

Various parts of Africa

Tried lots of different foods, some I like, some I dislike, but always prepared to try anything (once you have tried fried fried locust and scorpion, and pigs penis, everything else is a breeze :smiley: I used to be a SF soldier, and we had a saying, if its dead, eat it, if it isnt, kill it and THEN eat it, so far it hasnt killed me yet :wink:

Well thats about it for my introduction, dont be a stranger, say hello:lol:

Welcome aboard pepsi100!! It’s nice to know that you have tried many different types of foods - I’m not too sure I would care to share some of the dishes you mentioned - but we all have our own tastes!! We have plenty of recipes - and we do have some more “exotic” ones if you would care to try them. Please do not be afraid to post some of your recipes! We would love to see them.

Kitchen Witch

Some of my best recipes were from the forces (SF stew- anything went into the pot)

Most are pretty uniqe to the forces, well you know what army cooks are like (They take prime food and make it inedible)

I have a few from my travels, Thai coconut soup (I didnt like the original, so this is an adaptation)

Corned beef curry (generally known as a curry in a hurry, it can be cooked on a hexamine cooker or a real stove if you are at home)

Steamed fish in banana leaves :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT MRE’s and ration packs are a trade secret, which only the brave should attempt to find out whats in them

If anyone wants to try anything I’ve had on my travels, ask away, I got a note pad full of odds and ends (cant list some or most of them, but ask and I’ll see what I have tucked away)

pepsi100 - I guess if you eat rations you can eat anything!!! I dread to think of what is in them!!!

Post away - anything you would like to share!


Hello pepsi100 welcome aboard we would like for you to post as many post as you can. I don’t think I care for the opening things you ate. But if you are game so are we “I guess”.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it we will be more than glad to help you any we can.

But would really love to have some of your posts (recipes).

Again welcome aboard!!!