Hi :smiley:

I am new here. I am so glad to be here with so many recipes. Let me tell you a little bit of myself. There is 7 of us in the family. I am the middle child, lucky me. My mom is a great cook and so is my uncle and aunt and when there is special occasion our relatives gather together to celebrate Christmas and new year. Each family has to bring food and most of it are home cooking. I know that Christmas and new year is very far away and since I am not that expert yet in cooking, I would like to try some of the recipes here and keep on practicing till I get it right.

You’ll be an expert in no time! I can’t wait to try some of the recipes on here too. :mrgreen:

Hello Im new here too!!! I love olive garden and im excited to start cooking their dishes in my home!!!

Yeah I thought so. I just took a cooking class a few days ago. I’m so excited and I came and searched all of cooking forum that I found on Google. i wanna find some delicious dishes