Hi, just signed up… and boy, do I feel green!! I’m a moderator on a dog forum, and I’m used to welcoming people every day, but doing an intro thread… not so easy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a mother of 2 (grown) children, and “Nana” to 6 dogs, 5 are mine, one is a foster (anyone looking for a great dog??), and 2 cats. Of the 8 animals in my home right now, 6 are rescues. I just lost my oldest boy, Maxx, on July 4th… nothing like digging a grave while your neighbors are shooting off fire works. :rolleyes: I had Maxx for 11 years, adopted him when he was between 2-3 yrs old at the Humane Society. I’ve had 3 rescues since I became an adult that I’ve lost, 2 due to age, one due to health issues. My dogs are my biggest highlight of the day, being as the kids are grown and never home, and when they are, they mainly just think everything I say is pointless. Nothing better than ending a day covered in dog slobber. :smiley:

Well, I’ve babbled enough, hope to find some great recipes on here. Not really looking for anything in particular, except maybe some recipes for friendship bread, or what we call, Herman. I have a few starters, but not any really good recipes, other than Chocolate. I love lemon, the more tangy, the better, so if anyone has some great lemon cake recipes, or great lemon friendship bread recipes, feel free to let me know. :slight_smile: