help converting metric recipe

I need to make this cake tomorrow and the conversion didn’t help me. I need cups, tablespoons, etc. like a regular recipe. Please help if you can, I truly will appreciate it. Thanks

•200 g self raising flour
•25 g cocoa powder
•175 g butter
•175 g soft brown sugar
•100 g dark chocolate
•44.37 ml boiling water
•100 g icing sugar
•25 g cocoa powder
•37 g butter
•29.58 ml water
•50 g caster sugar

this is what I got for US conversion
•0.44 lb self raising flour
•0.06 lb cocoa powder
•0.39 lb butter
•0.39 lb soft brown sugar
•0.22 lb dark chocolate
•3 tablespoons boiling water

•0.22 lb icing sugar
•0.06 lb cocoa powder
•0.08 lb butter
•2 tablespoons water
•0.11 lb caster sugar

For future use:

Digital kitchen scales that switch from U.S. to metric measurements start at about $ 20 on They weigh in Grams and fractions of an ounce up to 5 kg (5000 gm) / 11 lbs. Most U.S. measuring cups are marked in U.S. and metric volumes.

thanks for the information - I often have trouble converting to cups and oz -

American cups are 8 ounces. English cups are 10 ounces.

Even the Tablespoon is different. In Australia it equals 4 teaspoons (20 ml), in the U.S. it equals 3 teaspoons (14.8 ml).