help in canning

i have some hot peppres some banana peppers but not enough to cann would it be ok to freeze them in vacuseal bag and when i get enough to cann do that.

The freezing will change the texture of the peppers, which won’t matter if you are going to do a canning recipe where they are cut up or mixed with other ingredients. If you are planning to ‘can’ as whole peppers, which requires a pressure canner, the results may not be as desirable because of the texture change.

I might also suggest the use of Calcium Chloride, aka Ball “Pickle Crisp” in the jars to help hold the cell structure together better.

do they need to be blanch before freezing

great i have 4 vac-u-seal bag full of peppers and i would hate to half blance all of them but if i had to i would lol

I don’t use a pressure canner, I heat the vinegar, water and sugar to a boil, pour over peppers, and water bath for 15 minutes