Help in printing just recipe

:confused: My computer crashed and we had to purchase windows 8. I used to be able to Highlight the recipe and print but now it makes me print the whole thread. Does anyone know how to do this?

I’ll try this. The new Windows 8 are so complicated. Any help appreciated.:confused:

Thanks for the patience Kitchen Witch. I loved windows 7 , it was so easy to use. I’ve tried ev:(erything.

I am using Windows 8 on one of my computers. You should be using the browser just as you did in Windows 7. I am able to print just as before with just a few different steps. In the right hand corner of your browser you will see what looks like a gear right under the red X. Left click on the gear, then left click on Print and then left click on Print again on the left of the first Print. The Print window should appear, and you click the Print button.