Help! Spaghetti Sauce Problem!

A few hours ago I put three cans of Hunt’s Spaghetti Sauce in my slow cooker and loaded it with Stuffed Cabbage. The Cabbage is stuffed with rice, sausage and spices. I plan to cook it on low all night. lol doesn’t sound bad right.

:oops::oops:The Problem: The Sauce is rising out over the top when I expected it to simmer down slowly and put a lid on it. At the rate it’s rising I will have to stay up all night or turn it off and cook it tommorrow. Can any one tell me why it’s doing this and give me a solution. I’ve never cooked Stuffed Cabbage before.

Some slow cookers do not cook low enough. I have one that boils everything on low so had to resort to my oven on 200 overnight. I am shopping for a new crock pot.
I do know tomato based dishes seem to have a lower boiling point.

Sorry, not what you wanted to hear.

I am guessing that the cabbage has a high content of water. That has added to the present liquid in your sauce. I would remove enough liquid to another container for now. Once the crockpot liquid cooks down, you could return some of the reserved sauce/liquid back to the slow cooker to cook overnight. Also. by simmering the liquid in the extra container, that liquid could be reduced also.

Thanks all for responding. Yeah it was cooking to high on low and I ended up shutting it off for the night. I also had to scoop out a bunch of sauce for some reason the cabbage rolls expanded. It was so good though and fell apart when served lol.

The cabbage rolls expanded because of the rice in them expanding.