I’m not very good understanding how to get start with adding my recipes here. please could you help me?

Welcome aboard Jackie!

We would love to help you out! Don’t let the size of this site overwhelm you - once you get going you will be fine.

I see that you posted a recipe to the Recipe Exchange. I will move it for you. All you need to do to share your recipes with us is this -

  1. go the the Recipe Exchange and click on NEW TOPIC

  2. copy and paste or type your recipe

  3. click submit

and you are all set!

If you proof-read and find an error - hit the EDIT button to the upper right of your post and you can make any necessary corrections.

If you would like to comment to another person’s post then you click on POST REPLY, add you comment or a variation of the same recipe and SUBMIT.

Once you get going you will see that we have many different forums that you can post in. Just surf the site and click away!

If you need any additional help - just ask - that is why we are here!

Looking forward to seeing your recipes!

Kitchen Witch